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Cambridge University Press is the oldest university press and one of the oldest publishers and printers in the world.


We are granted Letters Patent, similar to a royal charter, by King Henry VIII to print 'all manner of books'.


We publish our first book: Two Treatises of the Lord His Holie Supper.


The first Cambridge Bible is printed by John Legate.


The first Cambridge edition of the King James Bible.


John Milton's Lycidas is published.


The University Senate appoints 'Curators of the Press'.


The second edition of Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica is published.


John Baskerville produces the folio Bible: one of the most beautiful Bibles ever published.


The Cambridge Stereotype Bible: the invention of stereotyping allows successive printings to be made from one setting, improving the accuracy and stability of the text.


The Pitt Building, designed by the architect Edward Blore, opens.


The first book catalogue is produced.


The Press declines what was to become the Oxford English Dictionary.


The Scientific Papers of James Clerk Maxwell are published in two volumes.


We publish the first title in our Pitt Press series of Shakespeare editions for schools and our first journal, the Journal of Physiology.


The first 12 volumes of Lord Acton's Cambridge Modern History?are published.


The Monotype system of hot-metal mechanised typesetting is introduced, leading to significant improvements in text quality, and in particular in the layout and spacing of complex formulae.


The Press establishes a branch in New York.


The first issue of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics is published.


The University Printing House on Shaftesbury Road in Cambridge is opened.


The Australia branch is established in Melbourne.


We launch our English language teaching publishing business. The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time by Professor Stephen Hawking is published.


The Edinburgh Building is opened by Her Majesty The Queen.


Ray Murphy's English Grammar in Use is published.


We open our bookshop at 1 Trinity Street, Cambridge. This is one of the oldest bookshop sites in the country, as books have been sold continuously on the site since at least 1581.


The first dedicated electronic books on CD-ROM are produced. The Iberia branch is established in Madrid.


Cambridge Journals Online is launched.


The Brazil branch is established in S?o Paulo and the Africa branch is established in Cape Town.


Our first print-on-demand book is printed digitally and we also publish our first e-book. The Asia branch is established in Singapore.


We make our books more easily discoverable as a founding member of Google Book Search.


Historical Statistics of the United States, Millennial Edition is published in print and electronic formats. The India branch is established.


We congratulate Professor R.M.W. Dixon, author of Australian Languages: Their Nature and Development on his book becoming the 10,000th Cambridge print-on-demand title. The Middle East and North Africa branch is established.


We take a large leap into the digital age by launching Cambridge Books Online, a platform for our e-books that gives researchers and academics all over the world access to thousands of academic and professional books. The Latin America branch is opened in Mexico City.


University Publishing Online launches, providing access to e-books from the world-renowned publicity programmes of our partner presses.


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