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Networking Requests

Cambridge University Press can issue licences to education institutions to enable them to make all or part of certain Cambridge publications available via a secure Intranet for teaching purposes.


Check the conditions of sale of the CD-ROM to see whether networking (on a secure intranet) is permitted (an alternative network version may be available), or for information about how to obtain the appropriate network licence.?Otherwise, you can submit a request in writing by completing the Networking Request Form below.

Printed Books

Network licences are available for the digitisation and networking on secure Intranets of certain Cambridge books available in print format only.?Submit a request in writing by completing the Networking Request Form and sending it by facsimile, conventional mail or email to the appropriate contact address listed below.


The majority of Cambridge journals are now available online via Cambridge Journals Online.

Institutions in the UK

Please note, higher education institutions in the UK should apply to the Copyright Licensing Agency for permission to digitise and network a single printed chapter or journal article.

Institutions in the USA

Institutions in the USA should apply to the Copyright Clearance Center.

Submitting a Network Request Form

When submitting your form, please select the appropriate office; details are below:


All requests from publishers, institutions or users based worldwide, excluding Australia and New Zealand.


All requests from publishers, institutions or users based in Australia or New Zealand.

Networking Request Form

Please complete this form as fully as possible. Our aim is to provide an initial reply to your request within no more than four working weeks.
Your details
Requested product
Networking right requested
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