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Community & Environment

We are committed to conducting our business responsibly in all of our local communities.

People at the Press care passionately about our aim to advance knowledge, learning and research, and many of them give significant time to community engagement in education.

Initiatives this year ranged from the introduction of a new volunteering programme in Melbourne to the installation by Indonesian colleagues of sanitary facilities in a rural school. Our team in New York continued to support Westchester Community College through bursaries which help students to attend a summer course at?Cambridge.

The Press and individual colleagues raised almost £65,000 for educational charities, including our UK Charity of the Year, Centre 33, teacher bursaries for the Institute of Continuing Education and for UNICEF to provide aid for the reconstruction of schools after the earthquake in Nepal.

We marked World Book Day in 2016 with community events in several countries. In the UK we conducted a digital Shakespeare publishing workshop for 40 students in year 10 and their teachers from schools across Cambridge. In India, the Press team organised a publishing workshop for 17 schools in the Delhi metropolitan region, the first of its kind in the Indian publishing sector. It took 60 students and 20 teachers on the journey of a book from concept to?publication.

Working with children in schools in Brazil
Working with children in schools in Brazil

In South Africa, as part of our relationship with Shine, our local Charity of the Year, seven colleagues read to 320 schoolchildren from St Paul’s school in Bo-Kap, Cape Town, and donated 250 books. Shine works to promote literacy by early intervention and individual coaching of children by trained volunteers.

Through the year, Press colleagues worked with our UK partner school, Coleridge Community College, as part of the Business in the Community Business Class programme. All Year 11 students from Coleridge took part in a CV workshop, while Year 9 students visited the Press each term as part of a three-year programme to learn about different aspects of publishing. The Press had 73 work experience placements, more than three times those in the previous year.

During the year we donated more than 75,000 books, up by three-quarters from the year before, of which nearly 40,000 were given to BookAid International, the UK’s leading book donation charity for the development of libraries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sustainable Procurement

Find out more about the Press's policy on sustainable procurement which minimises any negative impacts from trading activities on the environment and local communities.

Environmental Management

At Cambridge University Press we recognise that we have a responsibility to protect the environment, and are committed to the enhancement of our environmental performance throughout every stage of our operations. Find out more about our environmental management here.

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