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About the Programme

What you’ll be doing

The Graduate Programme gives you the opportunity to experience every aspect of a global publisher. From the three core publishing groups – Academic, Education and Cambridge English – to the support business streams – legal, finance, HR, communications and operations – you will gain in-depth knowledge of the business. A great start to a career in international publishing!

Please see below the different areas of the business to give you an understanding of our vast offering of career paths you may wish to follow in the future.?

Our Academic publishing supports the mission of the University of Cambridge by advancing the worldwide dissemination of research and learning at the highest scholarly levels.

The Education group is one of the fastest growing and most innovative businesses in its sector. It produces print and digital products that are underpinned by evidence-based pedagogy and the best in classroom practice from around the world.?

Cambridge English
Cambridge English combines the experience and expertise of two world-leading departments of the University of Cambridge - Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessment. Together, we deliver world-class English language learning, teaching and assessment.

Communications and Community Engagement
The Communications Team provides strategic leadership and a range of professional services on all aspects of communications including public relations, internal communications, design and brand, and community engagement.

The Finance department supports the Press in key areas such as royalties, accounts, central finance, group internal audit, payroll and treasury. We also deliver financial insight and advice, control and compliance and efficient financial operations across the business.

The Human Resources team provides support across a range of services in people development and management, and recruitment and selection. The team also leads on supporting every colleague to demonstrate the Press’s six core values: decisive, empowered, responsive, innovative, responsible and collaborative.?

Legal and Business Affairs
The remit of the Legal and Business Affairs team covers protection of the Press’s brand and values, strengthening of our copyrights, securing our revenues and ensuring The Press can fulfill its mission. The team offers expertise across five core areas - Commercial, Editorial & IP, Corporate and Technology, Compliance, Litigation & Regulatory Affairs and Company Secretarial.

Operations Group
The Operations Group supports the business by delivering global customer services, supply chain, procurement, health and safety advice and training, and facilities management.

Technology Group
The Technology Group manages the websites and platforms which serve our customers, along with internal systems and IT infrastructure services which include helpdesk, technical support, colleague training and systems development.

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